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Endowment Compensation

You are entitled to it, So don't miss out...

In the late 1980's and throughout the 1990's many people were advised to take out an endowment policy as a method of paying off their Interest Only mortgage. An endowment as a repayment vehicle is a policy that contains life cover and is designed to not only pay off the mortgage but also provide a lump sum. Such sales tactics were regularly used to encourage sales staff to sell endowments so as to maximise commissions. Many of these sales advisers were poorly trained and ended up selling an endowment policy to family members or even to themselves. The main thing to remember is that there is an element of risk. Quite often a capital repayment mortgage would have been a perfectly suitable, but commissions earnt on such sales were less. Many tied agents made their living by selling endowments.

How Can RightPrice4U Help?

We take the complexity out of complaining, and stack the odds of winning compensation in your favour. Our expertise in this field, together with the legal knowledge of our consultants, has ensured that our success rate has continually exceeded 90%. This contrasts with a success rate of only 33% (estimated figure) for clients who choose to go it alone without any professional help. We will only take on cases where we feel there are valid grounds for complaint. And our "No Win, No Fee" policy means that our charges only apply once we have secured a suitable offer of compensation for our clients.

Do you have an endowment claim?

RightPrice4U are specialists in assisting consumers with endowment claims and subscribers to the claims management organisations uk association, taking the complexity out of the complaints process and securing compensation on behalf of our clients. RightPrice4U has extensive experience in dealing with endowment claims. With our knowledge and expertise in this field, we battle on your behalf to secure a suitable offer of compensation. If you are one of the many people who have received a shortfall letter regarding your endowment policy, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Do you have a valid claim for compensation?

View our Grounds for Complaint Guide or Complete our Online Endowment Compensation Enquiry Form and we will tell you if you have an eligible claim.

Are you a victim of endowment misselling?

Endowment misselling has hit millions of homeowners who are left with poorly performing endowments, which will no way reach the target sum let alone provide any juicy nest egg surplus. Yet rather than admit to endowment misselling, what do the endowment providers advise when sending out depressing and miserable shortfall letters? ECHO handles Endowment misselling complaints from start to finish, and we do not charge a fee unless we secure compensation on your behalf. Do you have a valid claim for compensation?

Visit our endowment-mortgage-misselling page for more details...

What do you do next...
To receive your No Hassle claim pack and to begin the process of redress for the shortfall situation that you have with your endowment policy, simply:

•  Fill in our Endowment Mortgage Problem Enquiry form , our consultants will work on your behalf to get the best quotes. (Recommended)

Request A Callback

RightPrice4U will not charge you for our services - We will introduce you to financial services partner companies, who will, upon the completion of any contracts with you, pay us a commission.

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